Gadael HR Software has been developed to meet the needs of companies of all sizes and was conceived from the start to manage collaborators spread across several countries.

The strength of Gadael lies in the management of planning and the historization of what has been done. Changes in work schedules and leave right collections may be planned in advance and the balance of entitlements can be exported as it was at an earlier date.

Gadael can integrate into an existing information system, so connectors have been developed so that periods of absence are visible in Google Calendar. Similarly it is possible to authenticate with a google account.

To facilitate the production of pay slips with annual leave reports, it is possible to export the paid vacation periods of the month.

Software Features:

Gadael allows management of leave requests, working-time recovery requests, time saving accounts, different types of balance consumption for part-time work schedules. Several configurable levels of approval, display of calendars by services or personal calendars. Seniority rights, country specific rights, etc.

Software Specialties:

Open-source Licence. The SaaS do not lock you in the cloud, you can download your database copy anytime.