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Video Interviewing by VidCruiter

VidCruiter’s recruitment software is the most advanced automated recruiting solution on the market. With a full suite of recruitment products that includes an applicant tracking system, live and pre-recorded video interviews and automated reference checking, the VidCruiter platform allows clients to build acustomized recruitment process that delivers the highest quality employees in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Software Features: With both live and pre-recorded video interviewing options, VidCruiter helps clients […]

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HRMS Software Reviews


VCA Human Resource Management module gives you the power of technology to manage processes and acquire better control over HR activities.

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bayzat - HR Software

Bayzat Benefits

 Bayzat Benefits automates administrative work for HR professionals. It ensures that all HR processes are centralized, accessible and secure.

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HR Software Dubai

HR Mangtaa

HR Mangtaa is a Simple, Affordable & Powerful HR & Payroll Software that provides a complete solution for all your HR needs. HR Mangtaa saves you time through automation and digitization across all your HR Functions.

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Gadael allows management of leave requests, working-time recovery requests, time saving accounts, different types of balance consumption for part-time work schedules.

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Best HRM & Admin Software for Small, Medium and Large Business 2017

If you ever ask the people from the Human Resources department how they love their job, they’ll probably tell you how stressful it is, even more so than other departments. The truth is not far to seek. The HR departments manages a lost of work everyday, some of them routine and tedious, while other work have a more immediate deadline. Since it is their job to look after employee recruitment, retention and smoothe passage of salaries along with other administrative functions, they have a huge load of responsibility.

A Human Resource Management System has a number of functions and modules. Some of the most common functions include:

  • Hiring
  • Retaining
  • Managing
  • Adminstration
  • Record of Performance
  • HR department planning
  • Recruiting
  • Employee absence management
  • Analysis
  • Reassigning of employees

The software comes with a number of moduls as well for more effective management of day to day work of the Human Resource Department.

  • Payroll Management Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Benefit Adminstration Module
  • HR Department Management Module
  • Online Recruiting Module
  • Employee Training Module
  • Data Analysis Module

Today, HRMS has become quite sophisticated. While the earlier systems could only focus on one single task, the systems of today could multitask with much more efficiency. They also come with a host of easy-to-use functions to make the job of a company’s HR department easier.

How HR Software helps your business?

A Human Resource Management System, also called a HRMS is a software which makes the job of the HR department easier. In short, it records, manages and analyses the data regarding employees of an organization, stores data of every employee, helps in managing payrolls, aids recruiting campaigns, aids administration and tracks individual attendance. It easily generates reports on performance evaluation which is invaluable for giving periodic appraisals. Needless to say, such a software saves a company considerable effort and man hours. With such a software in its arsenal, the HR department performs its tasks with high efficiency and speed.

Here are some of HR & Admin Software benefits:

  • Saves space by minimizing paperwork
  • improves document organization and recall time
  • Greatly improves information sharing within the company
  • Can be accessed from remote locations and helps in improving consistency in communication
  • Optimizes decision making and with data analytics and reporting
  • Optimizes the use of human capital with a central information library for quick reference
  • Better performance management through flexible periodic feedback sessions
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