Education / School Management Software Review – Dubai, UAE, India, Saudi Arabia, UK

The specified software provides a bird’s eye view of an educational institution. It presents valuable information on Academics, General Administration, Finance, Academics and Student Management. All these are offered using the latest technology.

Here are some of the features which one can enjoy in this software:

  • Timetable preparation and management
  • Student tracking
  • Fee management
  • High level of customization
  • Management of school asset

Why do you need an Education Management Software?

An Education / School Management Software is of immense benefit to schools or any educational institution. Here are some of the benefits which you can gain from it:

  1. Quick access to student Information: All the particulars about students such as disciplinary records, grades, extra-curricular activities and their parent’s address can be extracted from Educational Management Software.
  2. Teacher Information: Any kind of data relating to teachers can be obtained from this online platform quickly. This makes the software a safe repository for any document or record relating to teachers and students.
  3. Attendance management: This easy to use interface can assist both a teacher and a guardian to track the daily attendance of a student. The software does not only help the school, but the parent as well.
  4. Easy Scheduling: Timetables of both students and teachers are available in this software with the facility of printing them in the form of a PDF.
  5. Online Payments: The software aids in online payment of school fees. Parents can also track the fees and collect an update about it anytime.
  6. Admissions: Parents can enroll their children in the right class by filling in the applications online. It is also a platform for managing the inquiries of all parents.
  7. Fundraising: It allows for greater connectivity not only with the community but also with the world for generating funds for your school.

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